Did you know?
Kentico Gold Certified, Logient is the brand’s leading provider in Quebec, and Kentico’s only partner in Quebec to be counted among a team of experts made up of certified developers and marketing specialists.

Are you having difficulty keeping your head above water in a market where the competition is ferocious? Does your company always have to work harder to attract clients, and moreover to gain their loyalty?

The Kentico content management platform – a powerful marketing tool with endless possibilities – is a proven solution for a great many entrepreneurs.

Kentico provides businesses with the ability to take control of their web content by offering an array of functionalities. Whether it be to collect data regarding the users who visit your site in order to personalize the content presented to each individual, identify the visitors that are most interested in your products and services to then save them in your CRM, or even to program your site to show variable content based on precisely defined parameters, Kentico is the ideal tool.

The platform will assist you in transforming an uninterested visitor into a curious, and eventually loyal client. For solid support in your marketing efforts, think Kentico. And Logient.

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