For Connected Objects

Connected to the internet, intelligent devices communicate with humans, as well as amongst themselves; they transmit and process data. These devices are exploding in number each day; their evolution is phenomenal.

Among these devices are: smartphones, which allow us to communicate by voice or by image, or even to carryout bank translations; probes used in factories to measure machine temperature; clothing that moisturizes, refreshes, or even accelerates tanning; data sensors that allow us to capture the rotational speed of a car’s tires, and much more. These devices are capable of great deal, but they can do even more. In fact, their possibilities are practically endless.

To maximize the use of these devices, Logient has the ability to develop applications responding to specific needs (or even crazy ambitions!); applications that can be integrated with others – new or existing. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will take care of the rest.

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