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What is a SAP portal Solutions?

Logient’s SAP solution allows you to optimize your investments by bridging the gap between your SAP platform and any of your other technological. This will provide you with a solution that is fully integrated to your tools and processes and that meets your business requirements.

Portail projet SAP


  • Maximizes the return on investment
  • Reduction of development costs due to the use of an existing and proven solution
  • Possible customization of the solution according to the requirements and the work environment
  • Improvement of the client experience thanks to a real time access to information and the ability to use multiple accounts
  • Increased data management capacity through multiple distribution locations / warehouses
  • Improved data integrity
  • Possibility to maximize the power of cloud computing
  • Possible reuse of existing equipment for more control
Portail projet SAP

Detailed description

The SAP solution is dynamic and provides you with flexibility when it comes to the evolution of your platforms. Here are some of the basic features it offers: :

  • Real-time data transfer
  • Several personas based on internal accesses
  • Support of multiple client accounts
  • Supports multiple locations for each account
  • Ability to place orders for one or more locations / accounts
  • Ability to view stock
  • Ability to view order status and history
  • Synchronized product catalog
  • Order queue: No order is lost should the CRM crash or fail
  • Easy connection to existing Kentico installations
  • Live customer support through a connection with customer service representatives.
Portail projet SAP

Possible uses

The SAP solution is designed for companies that want to minimize tedious manual work, since it automates the links between the tools and seamlessly synchronizes data from two systems. It connects Kentico, e-commerce and online marketing platforms directly to the SAP enterprise system. Consequently, your inventory in the inventory management tool and e-commerce site will be adjusted after each sale. You can even receive a notification on your phone. All of this without having to abandon your current technological tools.