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geo LT

What is Geo LT?

A next generation software, Geo LT makes the best use of geolocation features by allowing the placement of elements – rooms, people and equipment – within a defined space represented in the form of a map. To do so, small Bluetooth transmitters (Beacons) are placed in the given site (i.e.: a building) in order to create an intelligent workspace.

Geo LT is very valuable in any setting that requires space management and optimization. It is also recommended to address security requirements or even to create user communities.

Geo-LT application

Basic features

Geo LT comes equipped with basic features, while offering the ability to add advanced or customized functionalities at a later time.

Developed as a mobile application for Android and iOS, Geo LT offers, by default:

  • Maps and digitized plans;
  • The itinerary to the desired destination;
  • Directory of users, rooms, equipment, etc.
  • User identification system (Avatars) to display their location on the map;
  • Space occupancy rate system, namely for common rooms;
  • Instant communication between individuals via phone call, text message or chat.
Geo-LT application

Advanced options + customized add-ons

A multitude of features can be added to the ones offered by default by using a modular approach in order meet the specific requirements of each platform:

  • Breakage report;
  • Analysis report and data interpretation;
  • Traffic report for each itinerary;
  • Advanced user management, including: internal messaging service, personal photo, informative sentence, etc.;
  • Available routes in the building (Wayfinding);
  • Itinerary to a custom meeting point where several people can get together;
  • Integration into room reservation systems;
  • Emergency button (Panic button);
  • Specific actions triggered on a user’s phone at specific locations (Geofencing);
  • Augmented reality in certain locations;
  • Ability to add customized data or promotional information;
  • A search engine to quickly locate points of interest.
Geo LT - Différentes utilisations possibles

Possible uses

Geo LT is the perfect choice for large areas with heavy foot traffic, including: airports, stadiums, museums, university campuses, holiday villages, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.

It can be used for:

  • Locating people;
  • Recommending itineraries;
  • Displaying important Information;
  • Ensuring the safety of the site and users;
  • Optimizing a workspace (management of free areas);
  • Optimizing inventory space;
  • Providing assistance to the visually impaired.
Geo LT - Conditions de succès pour intégrer Géo LT

Geo LT integration success conditions

Since the implementation of Geo LT requires certain technical conditions to be fulfilled, including: a versatile and powerful cloud environment, Bluetooth transmitters, a properly located data server and a fairly detailed plan of the site, Logient will provide you with personalized support services that will guarantee the success of the Geo LT integration.

In terms of achieving your business objectives, Logient will help you understand the possibilities offered by Geo LT, how to properly use it and how to think about the accuracy of the tool and the level of adoption by your targeted users. Logient will also assist you in selecting the measures to be taken to ensure sound data management and protect user privacy.