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Gaia, c'est quoi?

About Gaia LT

Gaia LT is a solution available as an extension to the Jira web platform to address project management requirements. It enables the customization of Jira, in accordance with the specific requirements of the organization and the project to be managed, thus facilitating the follow-up on activities and ensuring accountability.

Gaia LT offers the possibility to automate Jira’s configuration of all project types and associated tasks using customizable and reusable templates.

Gaia LT - Bénéfices


  • Automatically configure projects, tasks, workflows, the granting of permissions, etc.
  • Saves time by putting an end to rewriting the same task lists project after project.
  • Reduces forgetfulness and mistakes;
  • Simplifies the project management process;
  • Offers new Jira functionalities, for an even more profitable investment;
  • Respects R&D standards and processes;
  • Improves business productivity.

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