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Event LT

About Event LT

Event LT  is both a Web and mobile application for the management of customer invitations to various events. The application lets you select the right event based on the type of customer as well as prioritize invitations through a hierarchical approval system.


  • Time saved
  • Simplification of event invitation management
  • Improvement of the quality of the management
Event LT

Basic functionalities

Event LT includes basic features while offering the ability to add advanced or custom features.

  • User access page with internal connection settings
  • Event creation (date, place and time)
  • Event management according to the number of available places
  • Invitation management
  • User management
  • Multifunction and multilevel approval system
  • Automatic sending of invitation, confirmation and “thank you” emails
  • Automatic registration of the accepted invitation in the calendar
  • Keyword search engine
  • Advanced search features including by date, type of event, etc.
Event LT

Advanced options - customized add-ons

  • Integration with the customer’s internal systems (same password)
  • Analysis report
  • Software hosting and maintenance

Possible uses

Even LT is the technological tool for any company that wants to maintain good relationships with its clients and has to manage the events that it organizes for them. It is very useful for monitoring invitations, creating attendance lists or keeping count of  the events attended by representatives of the company, namely in the interest of fairness.