Integration of Technologies


Microsoft Azure

Azure, Microsoft’s cloud application platform, is comprised of a wide range of functionalities that you can use to reach new heights for your business.

Transforming an idea into an application, or rethinking an existing system is made possible, and even more cost efficient with Azure. Rather than programming a new piece of software from A to Z, you can take advantage of the services offered by Azure, and in doing so accelerate the development of your application. Are you thinking about cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, document management, data analysis, or connected objects?

No matter what your idea or your goals might be, our team knows exactly how to place Azure’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) at your service in a way that best corresponds to your needs.


Plan de maintenance de cinq sites Web WordPress


Maintenance : Maintenance de logiciels, soutien technique

Besoin d’affaires

RCGT ne dispose pas des ressources humaines nécessaires pour assurer la maintenance de ses cinq sites Internet; de plus, la direction désire profiter d’une certaine tranquillité d’esprit quant à leur entretien et à leur bon fonctionnement. Elle demande donc que la gestion des mises à jour et des erreurs de système soit confiée à un fournisseur externe.

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ISC Applied Systems

Confluence chez Bell


“Information Technologies as a tool for businesses, not the other way around.”

This might seem obvious to you, but your IT teams don’t seem to see things the same way. Their work methods reflect this, their efficiency suffers from it, and the client (the most important in your eyes) gets sidelined.

Atlassian solutions offer tools that contribute to your team reaching their full potential. Among Atlassian’s advantages: they allow your team to save precious time, all the while supporting improved organization, and more efficient communications.

We can also install and configure these tools for your, no matter the size of your business. We can also train your employees to use them, and thus, develop their agility. This is a must for your IT team.


ALM solution supporting the development of all equipment, and of all electronic devices used in the field of rail transportation.

Services Offered

Methodologies: ALM engineering process

Business Needs

ISC Applied Systems have seen recent growth, and plan to launch several development projects for control and passenger information systems in the railroad industry. To increase productivity, ISC is looking to improve efficiency in terms of the management of technical requirements for projects and tests. They are hoping to obtain a CMMI 2 certification in doing so.

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Creation of a business wiki

Service Offered

IT Outsourcing: Professional services

Business Needs

Following the implementation of a new identity and access management system, the Bell Access Request System (BARS), Bell decided to rethink its approach to user support.
The distribution of help documents onto different platforms makes searches difficult. The consequences?

  • Inefficient loss of time
  • Increased call volume to the technical support center
  • High level of effort needed to update numerous documents, both in French and in English, each time the system would go through a change
  • Difficulties in adequately communicating changes
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Did you know?
Kentico Gold Certified, Logient is the brand’s leading provider in Quebec, and Kentico’s only partner in Quebec to be counted among a team of experts made up of certified developers and marketing specialists.

Are you having difficulty keeping your head above water in a market where the competition is ferocious? Does your company always have to work harder to attract clients, and moreover to gain their loyalty?

The Kentico content management platform – a powerful marketing tool with endless possibilities – is a proven solution for a great many entrepreneurs.

Kentico provides businesses with the ability to take control of their web content by offering an array of functionalities. Whether it be to collect data regarding the users who visit your site in order to personalize the content presented to each individual, identify the visitors that are most interested in your products and services to then save them in your CRM, or even to program your site to show variable content based on precisely defined parameters, Kentico is the ideal tool.

The platform will assist you in transforming an uninterested visitor into a curious, and eventually loyal client. For solid support in your marketing efforts, think Kentico. And Logient.


Redesign of B2B website, and integration of business website with B2B site.

Services offered

Software Engineering: Business needs analysis and solutions architecture, user interface and experience, development, quality assurance

Business Needs

Fastco is seeking to improve its B2B website performance and that have led the business to revisit it, and to pair it with its recently redesigned business site to transform it into a convenient communication tool, as much for the retailers and distributors as for their own employees.

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Website tailored for mortgages

Services Offered

Software Development: Business needs analysis and solutions architecture, user interface and experience, development

Business Needs

Multi-Prêts is seeking to revitalize its web presence to become THE online reference for mortgages in Canada.

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So, you are fully satisfied with the SAP software package that you selected to manage your personnel, material, and financial resources – all the better. But did you know you could benefit from it even further?

Give free rein to your imagination, “think outside the box!” and tell us what you would like to get out of it: mobile applications for employees on the road? Client and provider portals?

Whatever you might be looking for, we will do what it takes to make sure that you are able to offer the services that the SAP software package cannot offer on its own to your employees, your clients, and your providers. We harness the power of SAP and use it to fuel innovation.

In a world where the competition is ferocious, you will be able to happily set your business apart from the rest thanks to an innovative and efficient use of SAP.