Processes and technologies integration (PI) - Logient

Information technology continues to revolutionize business processes and operations; forcing companies to continuously adapt to these changes. Logient has the required skills and expertise that will allow any business to keep their systems up-to-date and increase their efficiency by connecting them to one another.

More specifically, Logient has a sound expertise in integration, development, migration, self-managed and technical support services for SAP solutions.

SAP has developed several solutions for integrating business processes. These solutions provide companies with advanced technologies that allow them to connect their different applications and business processes, which in turn increases their productivity. From SAP PI software, SAP PO and now SAP CPI, our expertise on these solutions can be an asset for your business.

SAP Coud Platform

SAP has implemented several solutions that allow you to integrate your different applications, develop interfaces with the outside world and build innovative solutions within the SAP environment. The SAP Cloud Platform solution adds an infinite number of possibilities to your solution and you will be able to benefit from Logient’s unparalleled expertise with this component. Most importantly, this solution will allow you to easily exchange data in real time.

Our team of experts can assist you with the following three modules:

  • Integration (SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration));
  • Expertise with the SAP API Management module, SAP API Portal and SAP Platform Cockpit to allow you to extend your solution to other solutions;
  • Custom Java development for the backend using the Cloud Platform suite, and Fiori for the front end. Combined with the SAP Cloud Foundry offering, the possibilities become endless.

The SAP cloud platform offers advanced features to help you maximize your investment, while Logient allows you to reap the full benefits.

Process Orchestration using SAP (SAP PO)

The SAP PO (Process Orchestration) software is already used by thousands of companies. If your business requires integrating different applications, this component, which we have mastered over the years, is crucial to your success. 

You can speed up your business processes while keeping your existing systems. Logient develops APIs to facilitate the exchange of information between different systems (language-agnostic) and thus, optimize the productivity of the company.

Process Integration using SAP  (SAP PI)

The SAP platform process integration component can still be used in your organization. If this is the case, we can offer you our expertise in terms of support, or even expand its capabilities with new or existing systems. Likewise, thanks to our expertise, you can depend on us if you want to migrate your solution to the SAP Process Orchestration platforms or SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

Your Connectivity Requirements

In addition to mastering all technological languages, Logient has a specialized team whose members are certified in the integration and development of processes that can address multiple connectivity requirements: 

  • AMS support – self-managed services
  • ESB (enterprise bus service) / SOA (service-oriented architecture) 
  • BPM
  • Operation and creation of Odata services

Your Business Requirements

  • Recycle or improve an existing system;
  • Manage connectivity prioritization;
  • Integrate various systems to create a unique and efficient solution;
  • Make a web application and a mobile application coexist using your business management software platform;
  • Migration from one version of the SAP Integration components to another;
  • Develop innovative applications or extend existing ones using the SAP Cloud Platform development platform.