Software Engineering

Need-based analysis and solutions architecture

It’s well known, Information Technologies should serve as a tool for your business to ensure it thrives, not the other way around.

This is why our teams, made up of product owners, as well as business and functional analysts, begin by laying out a process map (or a workflow) to best understand your activities and business needs and then translate these goals into technical requirements for the benefit of the development teams.

The result? A software architecture that efficiently binds together platforms and technologies that perfectly support your business processes.

User Experience and Interface (UX and UI)

An application developed in the interest of its engineer(s) won’t reach its objective, which is first and foremost to serve the interests of the user. That is why we at Logient place the end user at the forefront and create software that guarantees an experience to meet the highest of expectations, as well as a functional design.

Our structured and tested creation process includes design workshops, because the user experience does not only depend upon functionalities visible to the eye, but also software requirements. And because several heads are better than one.


At Logient, technology isn’t just a part of our daily life, it is our daily life. That is why we carefully consider the best possible way to carry out our orders. We work together with our clients to find THE best solution.

We know, and take full advantage of, the latest and most innovative technologies. We apply the best Agile practices when it comes to development. The core of our approach is our rigorous work methods developed from our experience the last 20 years. And our solid expertise leads to the creation of solutions that are truly in line with client needs and achieve business goals.

Why would we do things any other way?


Need to blow the dust off of your software or existing systems? Does your ever-changing environment necessitate an upgrade to match the rhythm of your activities, or to ensure that your systems are evolving with the times?

Rather than starting over from scratch, we can breathe new life into your current systems. Thanks to our expertise and business intelligence, we target key elements requiring modernization, and then we make improvements, and increase performance of the whole system.

We know that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time. Targeted and specific interventions get the expected results in less time, and at lower cost. Consider that before shaking everything up.


As is the case with many businesses, yours hosts a wide range of applications to respond to your needs. This entails maintenance and management costs that can become excessive, repetitive human interventions to collect data from one place, to integrate into another, and inefficient business practices, most notably.

In order to get the maximum benefit from your software, applications should “talk to one another,” communicating amongst themselves, and when necessary, with web services hosted outside of your environment.

Thanks to Application Programming Interfaces (API), we connect applications to one another to ensure the exchange of information (incoming or outgoing). Thus, everything an employee could need to do his/her job, or everything a client might like to know before doing business with you, becomes accessible in one click, without delay and right on time. Worthwhile.

Quality Assurance

Before you begin the process of designing a piece of software, have you considered letting us run some tests?

Logient utilizes development piloted by tests (Test Driven Development, or TDD), which recommends writing unit tests before the source code. In first creating the tests, we use the program before it even exists. And the expected results (what we would expect from the application within the context where it will be used) orient the solutions architecture, as well as their development.

We will work alongside your teams to establish a precise vision of the way a program will be used. Then, we will establish a test plan that will stick to your requirements perfectly, all while contributing to the achievement of your business goals.

Sceptical? Let us show you.