Nearshoring - Logient

Satisfaction guaranteed, whether at your office or ours

Do you need assistance with a development project, and hope that the work can be completed in an easily accessible location/environment, rather than on the other side of the globe? And why not at a cost that works better for you?

This is all possible.

We offer delocalization, or local outsourcing services that allow you to benefit from our precise expertise and efficient practices, all in an environment that is reassuring for you.



  • Proximity: only a few hours by plane from your business centers
  • Economical solution: cost of living and salaries are lower in Quebec
  • Communication is available in your language
  • Guaranteed stability, predictability, flexibility, and efficiency of solutions

With our offices located in Montreal, the hub of Quebec’s economic activity, we are less than an hour’s flight from Toronto or New York, and a few hours away from major North American business centers. Is your business located in Western Canada? We are barely three hours away from you.