Software Maintenance

If you have trouble following the state of your application portfolio, it may be that the time has come to let us assist you in its maintenance and evolution. And by maintenance, we don’t just mean bug fixing, because often there are few. We are also referring to the improvement of functionalities to meet user demand.

Times change, and the applications developed to respond to the needs of your company must change with them. We have established a team dedicated to just that: adaptive, corrective, preventative, and evolutionary maintenance for applications hosted by our clients, or in the cloud. Our team takes care of all maintenance types around the clock, allowing our clients to dedicate their time to the business.

The better a car is maintained, the longer it lasts. The same applies to software. Think about it.

Technical Support

You are fed up; nothing seems to be working.

Contact our technical support center, open from 8AM to 5PM. You will receive a close analysis of the situation within a reasonable timeframe. Our team will coordinate the resolution of your problem with front-line support agents who will work directly on the issue. As a bonus, we will take care of the adaptive maintenance, meaning the coordination of updates and communications, and we will utilize JIRA to follow up with your requests.

Reassuring and efficient, the Logient technical support center is one of a kind. Call on us in those moments when nothing seems to work!

Cloud Management

Just because your applications are no longer hosted on local servers within your office does not mean they do not require maintenance – quite the contrary. Everything hosted on the cloud requires meticulous attention.

When it comes to the maintenance and management of your applications hosted on remote servers, there are three possibilities:

  • Handle them by hiring experts, training them in a field that evolves at an extraordinary pace, acquiring all of the necessary tools.
  • Trusting them to different providers with whom you will have to work to get along, and negotiate on a regular basis, carefully delegating the responsibilities of each one.
  • Call on a trusted partner: a team of experts who know the field.

The choice is easy.