Internet Of Things

Business Needs Analysis

Connected objects development requires above all a solid evaluation of the real business needs to be addressed, and an exhaustive analysis of all possibilities. Otherwise, how can development be informed by the What? Why? For Whom and How? of the situation.

We work with our clients to analyze their needs before they undertake any development work, whether that be for connected objects, or the infrastructures and interactive platforms that go along with them. In doing so, business possibilities, engineering requirements, and potential for innovation of current and future technologies are analyzed with a fine-tooth comb. We also consider the best technological choices – processors, communication protocols, as well as the security of everything involving data – storage, processing, presentation.

We implement a fully realized project with our client, so that they build on a solid base.

Proof of Concept

When it comes to connected objects, investing in a Proof of Concept before taking the jump can really pay off. We offer a demonstrative service, so that you will be able to quickly determine if the final model will stay the course.

What are the advantages?

  • Evaluate a business possibility
  • Save time and money in technological development
  • Encourage the support of decision-makers, investors, or clients – an image is worth a thousand words!

The work that we offer is in-depth, and combines several steps in a streamlined and efficient manner: technical needs assessment, system base architecture, programming and developing of software, and adjustments to the business solution.

The Proof of Concept: an excellent way to ensure a first step in the right direction, right off the bat. Think about it.

Embedded Systems Programming

We develop all types of embedded software to respond to your business needs. We develop and perfect tools for programming, configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics. We create embedded user interfaces to make touchscreen use possible on connected devices, or even just to create a more professional rendering of the characteristics of the embedded system display. As a final step, we integrate all of this so that these devices can communicate with one another.

The device is connected to the user, and vice-versa. Devices are also connected to each other, making up an entire ecosystem. Regardless of the type of development you are undertaking – embedded industrial software or connected devices – Logient will work alongside you in your project from start to finish to ensure its success. Give us a call.