Atlassian - Logient

Widely known and recognized, the Atlassian methodology facilitates project management, particularly in terms of agility. And in today’s world where everything is in a hurry, and competition is ferocious, agility is a welcome asset.  

Logient offers its fine-tuned expertise regarding use of the Atlassian environment when paired with a suite of applications – Gaia ALM. This allows for mapping of your needs (both in terms of tools and work processes) and to configure, customize, and deploy these tools/processes for maximum efficiency. And we will support you in their use.

Our goal? To help you connect each and every department in your business through a shared and integrated JIRA environment; to offer you the agility necessary for innovation, and to allow you implement your projects, launching your solutions as quickly as possible onto the market – because the competitiveness of your business depends on it.