ISC Applied Systems - Logient
Syètmes appliqués ISC


Logient proposed the ALM methodology to support project implementation. This methodology consists of deploying the ISC software and systems engineering processes in Atlassian JIRA to respond to information access requirements in real time, such as access to:

  • Reports regarding technical requirements for projects
  • Test reports
  • Useful data regarding business intelligence development

The reports and documents are available in electronic format, one step further into the digital world for ISC.


All success criteria for the project were met across all technical details:

  • 20% reduction in requirement management time
  • 25% improvement in requisite data quality, as well as in the improvement in follow up report and control.
  • 5-10% reduction in errors
  • Better project evaluation throughout launch phases
  • Better time and cost management by making information connected to project requirements accessible for all developers, integrators, and tests in IRA.

About ISC Applied Systems

ISC Applied Systems provides passenger information systems in the public transit sector. The company designs, develops, and manufactures products that contribute to the comfort and safety of passengers, as well as to the reliable and secure functioning of transportation systems. The company is marketing its products on an international scale.