Fastco - Logient


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionalities were added to the site, which thus transformed it into a complete management solution. The new Fastco website will be launched in production during 2019.



The new Fastco B2B website offers:

  • A window that supports employees during the sale and order management processes
  • The pairing of orders coming from different clients, which allows for savings on delivery costs
  • The complete list of retailers and distributors, and the possibility to add more (stocks, logos, orders).
  • Smart business functionalities that facilitate the consultation of order history, as well as order details for each retailer and distributor.
  • The ability to customize the site in line with the image of each retailer (visual signature) thanks to brand management microsites
  • Search for associated accessories for certain vehicles
  • Centralization of activities, for example ordering tires.

About Fastco

Fastco is one of the largest wholesale distributors/manufacturers for tires, rims, and vehicle accessories in Canada.