LT Plus

LT Plus, our IT outsourcing service


Similar to today’s organizations, yours is in perpetual transformation. How do you keep up with this imposed pace successfully? By relying on LT Plus, our professional IT sourcing service!

LT Plus helps your company achieve its digital initiatives and adapts its delivery model to your business requirements. This can be done by setting up development teams, suggesting methodologies and establishing best practices, or improving specific skill sets. This way, your company can focus on innovation.

Your challenges, we understand them

Your reality requires that your internal teams are able to adapt to new situations, whether it be in the number or the expertise of your resources. Your challenges, we understand them!

Lack of resources to achieve your projects

  • Difficulty finding candidates with specific profiles
  • Complex technologies
  • Skill levels not meeting your requirements
Risk management

  • High turnover rate
  • Service sustainability
  • Knowledge retention and management
Cost pressure

  • Recruitment costs
  • Scarce resources
  • Integration costs
  • Training costs

Our approach


LT Plus offers a flexible solution that adapts to the demand for specialized resources, which is often variable. This approach is based on the establishment of a real partnership between you and LT Plus through which the risks related to staffing, resource volume management and cost management are shared.

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We have the solution


Let LT Plus equip you!

  • Setting up development teams
  • Suggesting methodologies and establishing best practices
  • Adding capacity to existing teams
  • Developing specific skill sets and continuous improvement

Better yet …
You will find all the expertise you need to carry out your projects. Everything… under one roof.