Logient acquires Nuum - Logient

Logient is proud to announce its acquisition of Nuum Solutions, an enterprise specialized in the design and development of software and embedded systems, as well as in management of the software life cycle. This acquisition is part of Logient’s growth strategy, and contributes to the maintaining of its position as a leader in the Montreal market.

The synergy of both Logient’s and Nuum’s expertise will make the combined entity THE reference in the world of software in Quebec and elsewhere, and will allow it to respond to business needs, whatever they may be. The addition of some 15 experts to the 110 already employed by Logient will create a basin of unique and sought-after specialists.

“We are very pleased to welcome the Nuum team, as the expertise of its employees will serve as a remarkable asset for Logient,” stated Mr. Rioux, “moreover, the range of services offered by Nuum perfectly completes our own – we are motivated by the same values,” he concluded.

About Nuum Solutions
Founded in Montreal in 2009, Nuum designs and develops software and embedded systems; the company is also interested in the Internet of Things, industrial computing, and communication between machines. Their care for quality, their robust design methods, and their rigorous nature makes them an ideal partner.