Case study

Trilliant Networks


iOT industrial platform – SecureMesh® NAN

Services Offered

Internet of Things: Business needs analysis, proof of concept, programming of embedded systems

Business Needs

Trilliant Networks’ needs when it comes to performance and security for its communications platforms destined for the Internet of Things market have been in constant evolution for the last few years. Moreover, the SecureMesh® NAN platform must undergo an important update regarding functionalities.


La mise en place d’un processus complet de gestion du cycle de vie du logiciel et le jumelage des ingénieurs logiciels de Logient aux équipes de Logient s’avère la solution à privilégier pour répondre aux besoins de performance et de sécurité et aux critères de qualité.


The secure and efficient Trilliant Networks platforms find buyers across the world, and has collected prizes in both 2016 and 2017. And because the company called on the services of Logient/Nuum, they were able to focus their efforts on company growth, all while assuring the quality development of their platforms.

About Trilliant Networks

Trilliant Networks, global leader in the field of embedded systems, offers complete solutions, and high-quality products. Thanks to wireless technologies, the company helps its clients create extensive mesh networks that allow energy consumers better control over their usage.