Case study

Foreign Students Admission System

About the LCI Education Network

  • Present today on 5 continents, the LCI Education network consists of 22 select higher education institutions, and some 2,000 employees offering instruction to over 12,000 students throughout the world each year.
  • From one country to the next, the LCI Education Network favors the harmonization of its programs, which makes for greater flexibility, better control over the quality of its services, and deeper respect towards the various cultures it works with.

Project Objectives

Following its acquisition of two new language schools, respectively located in Canada (Vancouver) and Australia (Melbourne) and which will be part of its network of schools, the LCI Education Network ended up with three completely different management systems. They consequently wanted to create a new management system adapted to the needs of language schools – Oscar – and standardize the business processes of the entire network, including:

  • the management of the admission and registration for international students;
  • standardizing prices;
  • class assignment;
  • the management of student reception;
  • accommodations;
  • expenses;

This new system also had to allow better management of placement agencies and their respective commissions.

Project Description

It is in this context that the LCI Education Network solicited Logient’s expertise to design, develop and implement a management system that would standardize and automate the student admission process for all current (and future) schools that are part of the LCI Education Network. To do so, Logient performed a preliminary analysis that allowed the company to :

  • identify all the processes currently used by all language schools.
  • develop and recommend a standard process for the entire network.
  • identify high-level business processes.

Furthermore, four critical objectives to be achieved were also established during this preliminary analysis:

  1. Standardize and automate the application, admission and ongoing management processes of student activities that are linked to the client account system;
  2. Design a promotion management process that will ensure no rebates can be provided without authorization.
  3. Design a system that automatically generates foster care offers from foster families.
  4. The complete elimination of the manual processing of information.


Following the successful implementation of the Oscar Student Admission and Management System for the two new schools, the LCI Education Network will continue to employ Logient for technical support requests and system evolution.
In fact, the LCI Education Network wants to add new features, including geolocation to avoid latency and loss of performance, to the system and continue to add new schools to it.