Case study

Complete Redesign of the Corporate Intranet

About CN Investment Division

  • CN Investment Division manages a $14 billion corporate pension fund.
  • The pension fund is one of the largest, if not the largest, corporate pension fund in the country and has been managing the Trust assets for current and past employees for over 30 years.

Project Description

CNID’s corporate intranet functions as a central portal for daily activities, allowing users to view the list of people in the office, book conference rooms, search for documents on a third-party server and view the latest company news, sorted by relevance for each division.

Logient was mandated to carry out a complete overhaul of the CNID corporate intranet, notably in order to integrate a CMS allowing the Investment Division to proceed autonomously and independently from the IT department when it comes to the management of content on the platform. The intranet has also been equipped with collaboration tools to increase employee productivity.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of the project were:

  • Development of the platform (architecture, design, deployment);
  • An automatically refreshed interface that centralizes all the information
  • Integration of an RSS feed for tracking stock quotes;
  • Weather widget;
  • Calendar widget;
  • Integration of the Google Mini search engine to index documents.


The intranet has been deployed successfully and is still being used by CNID. Logient continues to maintain the platform to this day.


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