Case study

Desjardins DTM


Destination Tour de Montréal – Mobile application Espace 4141 – Remote workspace management

Services Offered

Software Engineering: analysis of business needs and solutions architecture, interface and user experience, development, quality assurance.
Maintenance: software maintenance, cloud management

Business Needs

Desjardins wants to offer its approximately 1,500 call center employees who will be relocating to new locations within the Tour de Montréal (The Montréal Tower) a quick an easy way to locate one another. At the same time, and while integrating a more modern look, Desjardins wants to entice Millennials to join its team, and to stay as long as possible.


The design of the premises provides for a collaborative work environment with unassigned work stations. Although the environment is already attractive, Desjardins wants to reinforce the employee experiences thanks to a mobile application offering the following possibilities:

  • Quickly and easily find an available workstation
  • Check a colleague’s location within the building
  • Order a meal at the cafeteria
  • View the cafeteria menu and order a meal.


Thanks to the Espace 4141 application, Desjardins is able to respond to issues expressed by employees asked to change the workplace. The 8 to 12 Logient experts dedicated to the project will take on numerous challenges in R and D, notably the development of a new geo-localization system to bridge gaps in the current operating system. The modes of operation of these technologies will be flipped, an innovative development practice initiated by Logient.

  • Roadside assistance – to simplify the process for drivers whose vehicles have broken down
  • Collision insurance – to create an accident report at the scene, and to thus expedite the processing of their claim.

About Desjardins

The leading financial cooperative group in Canada, Desjardins offers a full range of savings, credit, and insurance services. The company has nearly 50,000 employees handling the needs of 7 million members and clients.


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