Case study

BARS – Confluence Help Center

About Bell

  • Providing a comprehensive suite of broadband communications services to its residential and corporate customers, Bell has several divisions active in various telecommunications sectors.
  • The company has about 55,000 employees, 17,000 of whom work in Quebec.

Project Description

  • Following the implementation of a new identity, accesss, resource and application management (BARS – Bell Access Request System) by Logient’s team in collaboration with Bell’s internal teams, the company also took the opportunity to completely rethink its technical support approach, notably in terms of communicating the information available on the new system to its end users.
  • All the help available to users was scattered across different documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that were hosted on multiple platforms (SharePoint, File Servers, and Bell’s corporate Intranet). This caused problems for users who were looking for quick answers to their questions and clogged up the internal technical support center that had to respond to the high volume of calls, sometimes having to repeat the same information over and over again.
  • The company was also wasting a lot of time updating the various documents in both English and French as the new system evolved and new features were added. It was also difficult to communicate these changes to users in a timely fashion.

Project Objectives

Already involved in the realization of the new BARS system, Logient was also mandated to identify a platform that would allow users to easily find answers to their questions in addition to grouping all the information on the BARS system in one place and making it readily available to consult.

Following a detailed analysis of the solutions available at Bell (SharePoint, corporate intranet, Confluence, a custom solution), it is the Atlassian Confluence collaboration tool, a corporate wiki, that was selected and Logient was given the responsibility to configure it based on Bell’s user requirements as well as the requirements of Bell’s internal technical support centers.

The selected solution takes the form of a Help Center, available in English and French, which allows all Bell employees to find answers to all their questions on the BARS Access Request Systems. The Help Center includes:

  • User guides;
  • A section dedicated to informing employees, in real time, about planned breakdowns and interruptions of the BARS system and other problems encountered;
  • Frequently asked questions;
  • A powerful search engine.


In addition to significantly reducing the number f technical support calls, the Help Desk also allowed Bell to centralize all BARS information in a single location accessible to all employees.

Likewise, using wiki pages instead of documents greatly simplifies the updating and dissemination of information.
Bell’s business analysts and internal technical support technicians were also trained by Logient as Confluence administrators, providing them with the autonomy to maintain the Help Desk themselves.

The success and rapid adoption rate of the BARS Support Center by Bell employees has resulted in the company’s decision to use this partilcular Confluence space as a template to create additional Help Centers for all of Bell’s platforms, systems and internal solutions.