Case study

La Source Web Application

About Qualité Habitation

  • With 30 years of experience in the field of warranty plans for new constructions, Qualité Habitation is the first plan administrator officially recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) for its New Building Warranty Plan.
  • Qualité Habitation’s reputation for excellence is the reason why Quebec’s best residential contractors choose to adhere to its New Building Warranty plan more than any other.

Project Description

  • In 2003, Qualité Habitation chose Logient to develop an operations management application for its warranty plan, which would allow the management and creation of housing units as well managing contractor invoices, inspections and complaints.
  • Due to its efficiency and reliability, the developed solution became a key component in Qualité Habitation’s operations management activities.
  • Since building codes standards and regulations are constantly evolving, Qualité Habitation decided to revamp and redesign its application in 2011. Logient once again won the tender and was entrusted with the development of the new La Source Web application.

Project Objectives

  • Logient was mandated to design a custom solution from scratch. The mandate also included:
    • A high-level analysis of the company’s business and functional requirements;
    • The complete development of the solution, its architecture and its infrastructure;
    • The design of the information system that had to include a real-time connector with an accounting application;

      The deployment of an extranet that would allow entrepreneurs and contractors to access their accounts.

  • Logient was also responsible for the applicative and evolutive maintenance of the solution as well as the monitoring of the application and the infrastructure.


  • As per Qualité Habitation’s request, a special attention was paid to the design and ergonomics of the interface in order to improve user-experience.
  • Several tools were also used to simplify the creation of complex reports.
  • The client’s level of satisfaction allowed Logient to propose a three-year, service agreement for the maintenance, the evolution and the technical support of the application, thus ensuring that it would remain compatible with the latest technological evolutions
  • In addition to allowing the automation of many routine operations, thus ensuring an increase in productivity, La Source also ensures a better follow-up on contractors’ files and records, which made it possible to reduce the number of customer service complaints while mitigating fraudulent activities.
  • Logient was awarded the Octas 2014 for Best Project: Business solutions, custom development.


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