QA - Logient

QA Team

The quality assurance specialists support the developers throughout the project integration process. They use a wide range of of innovative tools and methods, such as test-driven development and bots. Their unorthodox means and the opportunity to experiment and develop their programming skills is what gets their juices flowing. Their objective: Making sure that the puppet dances. How do they reach it? By making sure every string does what it’s supposed to do.

Team lead

François Grossin

Curious by nature, François is highly interested in… everything. He started his studies in pure and applied science, then took a sharp left turn and took an interest in film studies which became his profession. It was during this time that he developed a keen interest for quality assurance when he was asked to test the dinosaur special effects for Jurassic Park. This newly found passion for computer science eventually led him to Logient. This open-mindedness makes him an ideal team lead with a diversified set of skills and tremendous knowledge. His passion for scuba diving lets him explore sunken vessels and he is simply fascinated by the history behind each of these shipwrecks.