.Net - Logient

.Net Team

A team where collaboration rules supreme no matter the project (whether it’s innovation or maintenance), the .Net team always works closely together. These individuals never need a pep talk to get going since the nature of their projects implies the use of new technologies, such as Azure Cloud and ASP Net Core. For them, that’s motivating in and of itself. This team also has the required expertise to explore new avenues, such as Android and Angular. Its members describe their team as a smooth group where things move quickly… They have also all mastered the art of tripping each other.

Team leads

Eric Clément

A Polytechnique alumnus, Eric has been working in IT for the last 15 years and has become a specialist when it comes to Microsoft technologies. His patience is limitless and he is always ready to lend a helping hand to his teammates and answer any and all questions that come his way. It’s no wonder he has won Logient’s award for most likeable employee too many times to count. His strength? Having fun while finding solutions to the most complex problems. When Eric is not busy programming, he plays hockey. When he is not playing hockey, he watches the sport on TV.

Jean-Gabriel Cauchon

Jean-Gabriel first studied biotechnology, then construction engineering. His love for computer science began strangely and took a while to bloom. It all started when he realized he was the only student to hand in 25 pages of code to support his calculations along with his final project. He joined Logient after having participated in the construction of the new Champlain Bridge. He properly understands what the clients want and recommends solutions that are best suited to their context, even if that means he has to get off the beaten track to do so. As a team lead with a good sense of empathy, he knows how to bring out the best out of his teammates and always strives to push his team forward. You think you’ve seen him before? It was probably on a campaign sign when he was a candidate in the 2014 provincial election!