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Mobile Team

The mobile team truly enjoys the projects they are assigned to, since they are usually innovative and stimulating. These projects often have an artistic component and appeal to everyone’s visionary talents.Geolocation, Bluetooth, smart objects, visual recognition, augmented reality… the possibilities are nearly endless! Half the team is French Canadian, the other is European. Their sense of humor may be dark and their voices too loud, however, their passion for their work is undeniable.

Team leads

Christian Vachon, iOS team

A programmer in every sense of the word with an extensive experience in graphic design, Christian has been working in IT for the last 20 years and has specialized himself in the development of mobile applications. A natural teacher who is always ready to help his colleagues do better, Christian’s strengths lie in his structured vision coupled with his artistic approach and dry sense of humor. An animal lover, Christian and his wife have 2 dogs and 2 cats, including a tripod, that patiently await their return home every night.

Olivier Deroy, Android team

After completing his studies in computer science and company management in Toulouse, then having worked in software maintenance for Airbus and Air France, Olivier’s curiosity and love for snow made him cross the Atlantic to finally settle in Montreal. Frank, authentic and affable, you’ll never accuse him of beating around the bush. Among his hidden talents: Playing the saxophone and gymnastics. His not-so-hidden talent: Gaming!