Java - Logient

Java Team

A dedicated team where smiles, politeness, mutual support and mutual help are omnipresent. The Java programmers like to evolve in an environment where everyone can be autonomous and where responsibilities abound. Their in-depth knowledge of several technologies makes them almost jack-of-all-trades. They rely on a Debugging Rubber Duck to answer their questions and work in innovative frameworks.

Team leads

Thierry Ouedraogo

Thierry distinguishes himself through his multiple talents and his constant desire to learn and perfect his knowledge. An ACS, university courses and studies at the ÉTS lead him to Logient where he stands out because of passion for everything IT. Aside from work, he enjoys Japanese video games, drawing and playing guitar.

Sébastien Murray

It was after he successfully obtained his diploma in computer systems and robotics that Sébastien started dabbling in computer science. Having a particular knack for finding solutions and optimizing products, he also masters the art of irony and the Kerbal Space Program game. His colleagues truly appreciate him for his legendary calm demeanor during stressful situations.