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Embedded Team

Connected object, virtual platforms, system integration – these are the various projects assigned to the “Embedded” team. Each member is autonomous and works on their own project. However, they are always ready to help one another at a moment’s notice. This tight-knit group of individuals can be described as discrete, friendly and fun. We know they’ll be even more busy in the future due to the currently surging, worldwide demand for connected objects.

Team leads

Kareen St-Pierre

It’s in the family home located in Fermont on the Côte-Nord that Kareen’s passion for electronic objects all started. She spent countless hours taking them apart and rebuilding them until they no longer held any secrets for her. This hobby led her to studying electrical engineer at the ÉTS where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. She simply adores the tangible side of projects. As the only woman in her group and being highly protective by nature, she quickly became her team’s mama bear.

Mathieu Kastlé

Mathieu was born and raised in Martinique in a family of navigators. To them, sailing was more than a passion, it was a way of life since the entire family lived on a sailboat. His talents at sea and sociability led him to a position as an animator in a tourist resort. He then began studying geology before getting interested in computer science and obtained a bachelor’s degree in this field from the Université de Montréal. Along with his extensive work experience, he is an excellent generalist when it comes to connected objects and possesses a keen ability when it comes to balancing audacity and prudence. Mathieu goes where the winds blows. It led him to Logient 5 years ago.