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Make your internship the gateway to a long and successful career

Our paid internships will provide you with a rewarding work experience: you will participate in unique projects and your apprenticeships will help launch your career. Your colleagues will be specialists in their field, and you will benefit from their valuable advice and support. You will also be a part of Logient’s overall team and will be welcomed to participate in all the activities offered by the company. Once you have completed your internship, you’ll have the opportunity to work with us on a part time schedule until you complete your studies.

40% of the students that completed an internship were hired.

What if this was your career path?

May 2016

Start of a 4-month summer internship

September 2016

Renewal of the internship for another 4 months

January 2017

Offered part-time contract of 20 hours per week for the remainder of the intern’s studies

September 2017

Offered full time position as a .Net developer

September 2018

Promoted to .Net team lead