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Greetings all,

Thank you for your interest in our team and your consideration for our company. Please give us a few moments – simply the time to read what follows – to show you exactly why we are made for each other.

At Logient, our employees are our greatest pride. Their well-being and development – both professional and personal – are our priorities. Our goal is to provide our employees with a unique work environment and offer them the most competitive benefits. This is why we use different means, such as surveys and one-on-one meetings, to gauge their level of satisfaction and listen to their recommendations, which we obviously take into consideration.

Providing a healthy and stimulating environment is part of our DNA, and so is: offering our employees the possibility to work on a wide-range of innovative projects; promoting a corporate culture that fosters excellence and, of course, providing a professional context that lends itself to the reality of today’s workers. We strive to promote a well-balanced lifestyle and Logient’s offer is among the most comprehensive on the market.

Finally, we also value everyone’s personal growth and development and therefore invest a lot time and energy in certifications and skills development programs.

Have we convinced you that our company could have a positive influence on your destiny? Over here! A brilliant career with us awaits you!

The Employee Experience Team