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Logient: because we are the builders of the digital world.

Founded in Montreal in 2000, Logient is the only company in the Montreal market that offers such a diverse range of software-related services; services that adapt the individual needs of each client, whatever they may be. The company’s efficiency, that of its teams, as well as the importance it gives to maintaining solid business relationships, are reflected in the quality of its services offered, and the rigorous management of its projects. Thanks to a predisposition for innovation, which is built into the company’s DNA, Logient enables its clients to reach their objectives.

Our Team

Jean-François Rioux

Executive president of the board of administration

Vincent Godcharles

Chief Executive Officer

Luc Filion

VP Engineering, Architecture and Solutions

Marie-Ève Marcoux

VP Marketing, customer relations and human ressources

Mathieu Abbott

VP Operations, Architecture and Solutions

Roland Louis

VP SAP Integration (pi/po/sci)

Stephen Diamond

Director, Architecture and Solutions

François McNeil

Director, Architecture and Solutions

Allison Wesemaël

Director, Customer Relations

Michel St-Gelais

Director, Technology Solutions

Vincent Dumouchel

Director, Health Solutions

Geneviève Gonthier

Director, Professional Services

Alexandra Tremblay Rolland

Director, Human Ressources

François Boyer

Director, Architecture and Solutions

Clara Durocher-Cloutier

Account controller

Mathieu Kastlé

Director, Architecture and Solutions

Élise Fafard

Account manager

Gareth Charles

Account manager

Maude Esteves

Account manager and legal affairs officer

Our approach

The LT approach: inspired by Agile, adapted by Logient

Agility is without a doubt the best approach to realize complex and unique projects, since the greater the complexity, the less the activities required to properly see the projects through can be anticipated or planned for. Needless to say predicting the future can be hard under these conditions! The Agile project management methodology - notably Scrum - is best suited for this context since despite the fact that it is organized, it also requires flexibility.
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