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We are the builders of the digital world.

We use code to simplify business processes and digital integration. What could take days and a lot of resources to accomplish becomes, like magic, a simple automated action that can be executed in a few milliseconds. However, there is nothing magical about this – it’s simply our job.

Creation of digital platforms

The world of connected objects

Optimize your applications

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Where do you stand in terms of Agility?

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The Internet of things and Microsoft Azure: a practical example

Is your appliance is on the fritz and acting up again? If it’s connected to the Internet, instructions will appear on your cellular phone. If you follow these instructions to…


Logient, proud sponsor of the Polytechnique Montreal Hackathon: “The Hackatown”

On January 19th and 20th, the Polytechnique Montréal held the third edition of its annual Hackathon: “The Hackatown”. The theme of the event was centered around the Smart City and…